My songs

Most of my life I have been inspired by the people around me, so when I grap a pen and paper, sit down with my guitar, most of the lyrics are comming from something I have seen, felt or experienced.

Even when a song i fictional, I still put a bit off my soul in it, to gets the right feel, emotion and effect.

Mostly I write about love and I have been told that I am "The King of Mush" wich pretty much is spot on for most af my songs. Lately I've tried to challenge my self, by writing in danish - All though it's my native tounge, I find that the words dosn't come as easy as when I write in english.

In the future, this is where you will find links to my music, the story behind the number and a lot more.

Thank you all for the support - EichenDK

Just Stay

The one you can't be without

Can you ever forgive me

ETA - 2023