Who is EichenDK

EichenDK is a Danish singer-song writer with a lot on his heart.

His music is honest, touching and with a stories that most people can relate to.
Most of his life, music has been the way to salvage his soul - EichenDK grew up in a unhealthy environment, but already from an early age, he found that music was a way to escape the world around him. Ever since he discovered the music songs have been written - his biggest wish is, to play his songs for an audience that wants to listen

Music is what made me

Kokkedal 2020

A life without music is like a life without living - atleast that is what EichenDK live by. Music can touch your heart, soul and mind. It can lift you up when you're down, it can set the mood for a romatic evening and it can bring on the party when ever you need it to. Music has always been a way for people to handle emotions, and for EichenDK it's no different.
Throughout his life, he found that music was his way of dealing with the pain inside him.

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I'll deliver every time

Kokkedal 2020 

Since music is such a big part of me, I want to deliver a peace of myself evertime I perfom.

In each song I writte, I always try to put a bit of myself in it. Every song has a story that most people can relate to, and I strive to make it honest, even when it's a fictive story. It's my mission to leave the audience with a feeling of...
"I've tried that" or "I know that feeling" or maybe just "I would like to have that feeling

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Fun fact 1#

EichenDK's real name is Tony.
His elder brother got the choise between a puppy or a babybrother- He chose the puppy, But since he the babybrother also arrived - he insisted on the name Tony.

Fun fact 2#

EichenDK loves food, but is not a fan of garlic.

If you ever get the chance to invite him for dinner - Rember to hide the garlic, and if you can't resist from using it, make sure he can't taste it.

Fun fact 3#

When EichenDK was a teenager, he's nickname was "Coca Cola Kid". Anywhere you met him, he always had a Coke in his hand.
Even today - You'll never find him drinking any other cola than Coca-Cola.

My songs

In the video below you'll find a song I wrote i 2018.
In the moment I wrote it, I just sad down with a peace of paper and the words just came to me. After playing it for a friend, he asked me, if it was a real experince, and honestly it wasn't, but reading throug it afterwards - it became clear to me, that I had been in that exact situation some years earlier.
"All the love is gone" is about the feeling you get when you discover that you are/where the only one who saw the dream. The only one who were willing to go all the way.
Unfortunately love aint always enough.